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7 Ways to Combat Stay at Home Mom Depression

Yes, depression for stay home moms is SO real—and it’s a feeling I know all too well. It can dampen the most joyous of moments and steal meaning from the happiest of moms. To put it lightly… it sucks. Try these 7 ways to combat stay at home mom depression and take your life and your motherhood back today!

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Finding Purpose in Motherhood – A Story of Our Life

Motherhood started young for me. Grayson was born twelve days before I turned 21. I knew I wanted to stay home with him from the start but my other half just wasn’t convinced.

See, Zach and I married at 19, while we were still in college. Before we found out we were pregnant, the plan was always to graduate and get jobs. I guess he didn’t see a reason why that needed to change just because we had a baby on the way. I mean, most families have two incomes, right? How would we possibly make it work on just one?

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25+ Children’s Books About Diversity You Need On Your Bookshelf Today

In our beautifully diverse world, we were all created unique and with purpose. Let’s celebrate our differences! These 25+ children’s books about diversity and inclusivity will take your kids into worlds and cultures they may have never seen before, teaching them to treat those who look different with kindness and compassion.

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How to Ease Anxiety : 5 Tested Tips

Fear and anxiety don’t discriminate. They don’t care if you’re young, old, married, single, working or if you’re a stay at home mom. Fear touches everyone, even the MOST carefree souls, from time to time. Check out these 5 simple tips to learn how to ease anxiety quick and get your peace back.

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50 Item Holiday Gift Guide for Her Under $20

If you’re anything like me, you finish every holiday season promising yourself you’ll start preparations earlier next year. I mean, how much easier would it be financially to spread out the Christmas budget over 6 months rather than 2? If you’re a bit behind the eight ball this year, that’s okay! This holiday gift guide for her will help you knock out everything on your list and save you money.

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Honey Bees and Skinned Knees

If you’ve ever watched a honey bee pollinate a plant, you may have sat in awe of the magical little dance she did as she meticulously flew from flower to flower, never returning to the same one. Half the time I can’t even remember if I started the dish washer, and yet these busy little creatures buzz all over creation knowing exactly what to do and what their purpose is. Incredible, right?

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5 Practical Tips on How to Read the Bible

You’ve got your Bible, a quiet corner, comfy chair, an open heart and you’re juuuust about to dive into the Word. Girl, you are ready! You open the pages of that good book and man oh man, where to begin? Your excitement and determination is dampened (just slightly) by a sea of unending little black letters. Sound familiar? No worries, these 5 practical tips will help you learn how to read the Bible and experience God’s living word.

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